Serve To Learn Application
Before completing this application, please ensure you have the following items:
1) Letter of recommendation
2) Emergency contact information of someone in Egypt (Name, relationship, phone number, address). If you are unable to provide us with an emergency contact residing in Egypt, please have the emergency contact information of someone else.
3) Soft copy of your passport photo page
4) For first time volunteers, credit card or bank account information to pay a mandatory $35 application fee (25 GBP for applicants from the UK). Please note that your application will only be processed once the application fee is received.
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Which STL trip are you applying for? *
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Please note that CMANA and Heya Masr Serve to Learn trips are only offered in June and July. Also note that CMANA applications are accepted on the CMANA website. You do not need to complete this application if you are applying for CMANA. A link to the CMANA application will be made available on our website once they start accepting applications.
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