Footloose - Tech/Stage Crew Sign ups
Positions available:

Assistant to the Director - In charge of taking notes for the director and translating those notes to what the director would like to happen on stage with the stage director. The assistant to the director will be second in charge of the stage during shows. This show requires great note taking skills and the ability to translate directions/notes on stage. This is a full time commitment, so please only apply if you do not have other responsibilities.
**This position starts immediately

Stage Manager - In charge of everything on stage delegating tasks, and positions, and finding the best practice in moving things on and off stage. Will be in charge of keeping everyone in order as well as maintaining a productive and safe environment for the stage members. This is one of the important jobs on stage. There will not always be an adult to guide you so this position requires leadership experience/skills.

Assistant Stage Manager - Will be in charge of opposite sides of the stage with direction from the stage manager.

Prop Manager - In charge of accounting for and maintaining inventory, requires inventory management and neat note taking skills. At times will be required to help with stage hands.

Prop Assistant - Assists prop manager with maintaining props. Will be required to help with stage hands.

Flyman - In charge of opening and closing curtains. Must be attentive and be ready on cue, will also transmit messages from the tech crew to stage crew.

Stage hands/grips (6-8 positions) - In charge of moving props on stage and off stage, sometimes in complete darkness. Must be attentive and be able to collaborate with others to move heavy objects.

Make up assistant (2) - Help parents with make up a week before and during show days.

Wardrobe assistant - Help cast with wardrobe preparation 2 weeks before the show and during shows. Will also help with microphone changes between scenes.

Sound Board Operator - In charge of sounds and microphones. This job requires constant attention. The job requires the operator to be constantly turning on and off mics as needed and be able to trouble shoot problems as they arise. This is one of the most important jobs in the whole show. If we don't have good sound, we don't have a good show.

Sound board assistant - Helps the Sound board operator with sounds effects, music, and microphones.

Light board operator - In charge of lighting for scene changes and directing the two spot lights. This is a boring job but very important. The lighting cues are what actors/actresses use for their timing, so this person must also be very attentive.

Spot light operator - In charge of operating and maintaining the two spot lights. This is a very tedious job.

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