Return to School Survey for Parents
Please take 4 minutes to fill out the survey below regarding your preferences for your child's education in 2020/2021 at Martin Public Schools. If we are in Phase 4, by mandate of the Governor, starting school August 25th, we want to know how you would prefer your child(ren) to attend. Thank you for your input as it is critical in our decision-making process.
Email address *
What is your last name and your child(ren)'s last name(s) if different? *
Would you consider attending elsewhere if Martin Public Schools comes back to school Face-to-Face, 5 days/week, with safety protocols and processes in place if we are in Phase 4? *
One of the options Martin is looking at is a Hybrid Schedule to offer adequate social distancing and a longer opportunity to deep clean the school building in a school week. Are you open to having your child attend school part time and to be online the remainder of the week ? *
One way to make the Hybrid work would be to have pre-K through 5th grades attend in the building full time with appropriate safety protocols in place and 6th through 12th attend either every other day OR completely virtually. Would this work for you and your family? *
Martin has partnered with the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency (AAESA) to provide eLearning/Virtual instruction for any student in the county through the Virtual Academy for Allegan County (VAAC). Martin students may enroll and will still be considered Martin Public School students in all other aspects. Your child would not be attending school here at the building, but would be doing their learning online only. Will you be considering this option for your child if we are in Phase 4 when school starts? *
"I just want my children to come back to school in the building and have it as normal as possible as long as cleaning processes and distance protocols are followed. Five days a week works for us!" *
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