Fall in love with FOOD Challenge
Ever ask yourself questions like...

What the heck is a macro?
Should I really stay away from gluten?
Do I have to eat so much meat to get my protein in each day?
What part of the label do I need to focus on again?
Do I HAVE to buy organic?
Why can't it just be simple???!

^^^^^ LEGIT those were all things I struggled with a few years back before finding these cute little containers that made life oh so simple & NOW I want to help YOU lose the frustration and fall in love with FOOD again!

The group is 6 weeks (October 2nd- Nov 12th) dialed into focusing on how to fuel your body right!
-I have a spreadsheet created for you to help you plan your day and figure out how to plan your meals for the week, when/what to prep <— that way there’s no wasting time at the grocery store or figuring out what’s for dinner each night
-We’ll work together on how to utilize weekly goals to overcome obstacles that have held you back in the past
-The eating plan is super simple color-coded and portion-controlled and focuses on giving you the right amounts of each food group to fuel your body
-We utilize an app to help you stay on track all day every day and LEARN what your body needs to stay fueled throughout the day (you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised at how much food you really need to eat, I know I was & TONS of my current challengers are too)
-We all have a superfood shake with over 70 superfoods from around the world to give us a daily dose of dense nutrition
-You get an email each week from me helping to make sure you’re on track (and of course you can text or message me any time)
-You commit to at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days/week (walking, hiking, biking, gym, swim, at home fitness, I can help you pick, but it can be ANY exercise at all)
-I give away prizes for different mini challenges :)

Ready to get started with me?! Fill in this form so we can chat (don't worry, I promise I'm nice & easy to talk with ;) )
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