CGMF School of Faith Quick Quiz

Book of John
Chapter 4           New King James Version and NRSV are the main translations used for Study.
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Jesus ministry was seeing more people repenting and being baptized. However, Jesus was not doing the baptizing. *
Hint: ( v.2 )
The word baptize comes from the greek word " baptizo "and  is properly defined as " to cause something to be dipped into a fluid and then taken out again ". Hippocrates use of the word was, "  to submerge in water and or for sponges being dipped in water. " *
Jesus leaves the confines of the traditional Jewish setting and ministers to a ______________________ woman. *
Hint: ( v. 7 )
Jesus speaks of _________ water. *
Hint: ( v. 10 )
Can you name the four baptisms of the scriptures? *
Jesus reveals his ability to have knowledge beyond the four senses in what verse? We would call the gift he used word of knowledge in the NT church. *
The disciples challenge Jesus for what with the woman? *
How many husbands did she have? *
Hint: ( v. 18 )
Samaritans worshiped on what mountain? The Sanctuary had been destroyed in 128 B.C., but they still would go there to worship.
Hint: ( v, 22
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They that worship God must worship Him how?
Hint: ( v. 23 )
The Father's will was Jesus driving force in His life. What did he call it in verse 34?
( John 4:42 ) " Then they said to the woman, “Now we believe, not because of what you said, for we ourselves have heard Him and we know that this is indeed the Christ, the __________ of the world.”
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The greek word for " pneuma " means both ________ and ___________.
Confirmation from the Latin means " strengthening ". One of seven sacraments mentioned in the historical ( traditional ) church. This sacrament is accompanied by anointed with oil and laying of hands.
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