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By initialing below, you are agreeing to transport your foster pet if necessary and take full responsibility of your foster pet. You are also agreeing to take amazing care of them and make sure no harm comes to them. (Initial here) *
Do you understand that not every dog will enjoy/be able to be around other dogs and it may take some time for them to acclimate while you are getting to know your foster pet? *
I understand and agree to all the information provided to me in my application process. If the animal I foster is on medication, I will continue the medication as instructed to me. I will not let the foster pet off leash or loose by itself. If during the time I am fostering the animal it requires medical attention, I will contact Bella's Animal Rescue first before treating the foster pet UNLESS it is an emergency situation. I understand the foster pet is the property of Bella's Animal Rescue, and I will not sell, dispose of, or trade the foster pet. I understand the importance of my own animals being up to date on vaccinations and will provide documentation proving that they are up to date on vaccinations (such as shot record). (Initial here) *
To thank you for being a foster for us, we would love to gift you a Bella's Animal Rescue hoodie. Please indicate your size. *
I understand that anyone interested in adopting my foster pet (including myself) must go through the standard adoption process, and approval of candidates and placement of animals is up to Bella's Animal Rescue (Of course, we do value and will take into consideration your referrals and recommendations). (Initial here) *
I understand that Bella's Animal Rescue makes no guarantee relating to the animal's health, behavior, or actions. I understand that I receive foster care pets at my own risk for which Bella's Animal Rescue has asked me to provide care. (Initial here). *
I understand that I must return the foster pet to Bella's Animal Rescue as soon as I am asked to do so. (Initial here). *
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