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Hello. We are students from CSU Monterey Bay and are working on a group capstone project for the City of Seaside. Our group is researching to see if there is a possibility of setting up an urban harvest fruit share in the city after a resident brought up the idea at a Seaside Environmental Committee meeting. Urban Harvests are becoming increasingly popular in cities and other urban settings and can range from neighbors sharing harvests with one another to more invested programs that collect excess harvest to share with local nonprofits. For this project we are gathering data through surveys to see if Seaside residents would like a program where they can reduce waste by sharing their excess fruit with the public. We are researching species of trees currently in Seaside, the abundance of harvest, public opinion, and sustainable practices that can be incorporated if this project were to go through.

We appreciate your time and feedback. If there are any questions that you do not wish to answer, please leave them blank. We also value your opinion and recommendations in the comments section at the end of the survey.

Seaside Environmental Committee:

Email Address
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What street do you live on?
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What housing type do you live in?
Are you the landowner of the property?
Are there fruit tree(s) on the property?
If "yes" to the question above, what types of fruit are there?
Your answer
How many fruit trees are on the property?
Where are the fruit tree(s) located?
How are the trees planted?
For the tree that produces the most fruit, on a scale of 0-5 about how much fruit is produced ? (0 = no harvest, 5 = too much)
What is the species of the tree?
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For the tree that produces the least amount of fruit, on a scale of 0-5 about how much fruit is produced? (0= no harvest, 5 = too much)
What is the species of the tree?
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What do you do with your fruit?
What fruit trees have you noticed around your neighborhood?
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Do you receive fruit and/or vegetable harvests from your neighbors' gardens?
what kind of urban harvest method would you recommend?
Would you like an urban fruit harvest share established in Seaside?
If you owned a fruit tree on your property, would you want to participate in an urban harvest share?
Would you like to have a fruit tree planted in your yard for the purpose of urban harvest sharing?
How often do you garden?
When did you start gardening?
How many vegetables and fruits do you eat per day?
How do you water your tree(s)?
Do you have interest in learning more about rainwater harvesting?
Have your fruit tree(s) ever been pruned?
Would you like more information on fruit tree care?
What is your age?
What race, ethnicity, or country of origin do you identify with?
What sustainability impacts are most important to you?
How did you hear about our project?
Comments or Questions
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Thank you for completing our survey!
Thank you for taking the time and effort to complete our survey. Your input is valuable to us and our project's success. We hope that this information will begin the process of starting an urban harvest sharing program in City of Seaside where community members can reap the rewards of future fruit harvest. You can find more information about our research at our website:
If you have any questions on the survey or program, or would like to share more information, please feel free to leave us a comment.
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