Guidelines for Online Music Lessons
Thank you so much for your interest in music lessons with Amy Panetta, MA. These guidelines serve as a way to communicate the procedure of music lessons and important details.

By acknowledging and abiding by the guidelines below, you understand that...

Complementary Lesson: One 30 minute lesson is free where the parent(s) and child(ren) are present to determine if online music lessons will meet your music educational needs, help Amy to get to know you and your child, form rapport and a relationship, assess the music learning needs and interests of your child, and discuss the technology logistics of online lessons.

Learning needs: It is important to disclose any learning needs that the child has prior to the start of lessons. If you are willing and able, please share any information about Individualized Education Plans that exist.

Lesson Materials and Technology: You will be sure that you or your child has all the materials for the lesson available before the lesson starts, including books, sheet music, technology set up and positioned (laptop, phone, power adapters, and software installed).

Lesson Fees: Lessons are $30 per half hour, $45 per 45 minutes, and $60 per 60 minutes. If located in the US, Canada, or European Union, please pay in your country`s currency. If you are outside of the United States, please pay in US currency.
***All lesson fees are due via paypal, venmo, interac or another payment method 24 hours before the lesson.***
Lessons may be paid each week or at the start of each month. Please use the following email addresses for whichever payment service works best for you:

Paypal -
Venmo -
Interac -

Lesson Cancellation: If you need to cancel a lesson, please cancel 24 hours in advance. Often last minute cancellations mean that the teacher cannot schedule another lesson in its place, and thus won`t be paid for the time missed. Therefore, if you need to cancel a lesson last minute, it is customary to pay for the lesson time. Thank you in advance for your attention to this particular detail.

Parent Accessibility: If the student is under 18, a parent must be accessible and present in the home during the lesson if the child needs anything and to communicate about their progress afterward. Please do not schedule online lessons at a particular time if you plan to be out of the house and a child is home alone, unless a babysitter or another family member is present.

Noise Reduction: Please try to minimize background talking and sounds as they can be picked up by the microphone and cause a distraction. Also, please discuss with your child the importance of not playing while the teacher is speaking so that she is heard and information is received.

Weekly Assignments: After the first lesson, a link will be shared with you via email to a google document which will detail the student's weekly assignment. This google document will be updated weekly, so your child will need to access this to know what to practice each week. Students should consult with this document many times during the week.

Lesson Materials: Please have all materials ready at the start of the lesson. If you decide to play a new piece of music that the teacher probably doesn`t have in her collection, please take a photo or scan the music and send it to Amy at 862.324.5254 by text or through email at

Annual Recital/Performance Opportunity: If you live in Vermont, there may be opportunities to perform in person at an annual recital in Richmond, Vermont!

Thank you for your acknowledgement and willingness to follow these guidelines. If you have an extenuating circumstances regarding any of these points, please feel free to discuss with me.


Amy Panetta, MA
Music Teacher

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