Donations to MMV
Donors may make one-time donations to MMV or donate $120 annually as "Sponsors."  Sponsors will be invited to take part in all educational and social events offered for MMV members.

There are several options for actually making your donation:

    * If you've donated or become a sponsor in the past, and you'd like to use your CREDIT CARD to make ANOTHER DONATION/SPONSORSHIP PAYMENT, please call us at 802-858-5381 so we can be sure we credit your account

    * To use your CREDIT CARD to make your FIRST donation to MMV, click

    * To use your CREDIT CARD to become a NEW Sponsor, click

    * To donate by CHECK (or CASH), please fill out and submit this form

Please keep in mind that MMV is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so your one-time donation or annual Sponsor fee may be tax-deductible.

After you submit this form, please write a check to Mount Mansfield Villages for the amount of your donation and mail it to:
     Mount Mansfield Villages
     PO Box 31
     Underhill Center, VT  05490


If you'd rather fill out a paper form than this online form, please click
    * for a one-time donation, and then print, complete, and mail the form
    * for a sponsorship, and then print, complete, and mail the form
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