MBLTdev2017 Call for Papers

Please see the information below and find the answers to all the organizational issues which will help you to join the International Mobile Developers Conference MBLTdev 2017. Carefully check the suggested topics and guidelines and fill out the submission form to suggest your talk for the Mobile Developers Conference MBLTdev 2017.

Application submission deadline — August 25, 2017.
The conference will be held on October, 27 in Moscow, Digital October.

Submission review and getting ready to give a talk
1). A week after the application is sent, we will contact you and inform about the preliminary acceptance or rejection of your talk.
2). If your talk has been accepted, please provide a draft of your slides with brief comments within two weeks.
3). During the next week the program committee will review the materials and provide a feedback.
4). Hooray! You're in the home stretch. We will provide a mentor so that you could rehearse your talk together via video chat. The week prior the conference we will arrange the final online rehearsal of your talk.
Information about the speech
— The slot is 40 minutes max.
— Plan to have 5-7 minutes for the Q&A.
— You will have a chance to answer additional questions and discuss the issues covered in your talk.
— Your talk will be recorded.
— We will transcribe and publish the best talks in the professional media.
— Use facts not theory.
— Deliver solutions idea not a sales pitch.
— Think of your audience: will they be able to apply your material to their projects?

Learn about the conference and check the videos here:

What kind of talks do we expect to have?
Diverse. Note that the level of the audience is Middle+ & Senior.

We would like the following topics to be covered:
— Mobile app architecture,
— Android and iOS features and trends,
— Advanced Swift,
— ARKit,
— HealthKit,
— Kotlin,
— CoreData Migration toRealm
— Machine learning,
— Сustom animation,
— Сustom controls,
— ReactiveX,
— CoreML,
— Memory Efficient tools,
— Security,
— Instant apps,
— Android pay,
— PWA,
— IoT.

Submission form
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Phone Number
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Session Title
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Abstract submission (max 250 words)
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Please add a structure (brief plan) of your talk
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Have you already delivered a talk on the submitted topic If yes, where and when?
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Please send the links to videos of your previous talks if you have some.
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How did you know about the conference?
Thank you!
We will contact you in one week. If you have any questions, please email to Katya Moskaleva e.m@e-legion.com.
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