TrustPilot Submission Form
Necessary! All participants in the whole campaign must cooperate with all the guidelines set out below and have to fill out the correct information in the form. Failure to change incorrect details submitted with this form.

Trustpilot Bounty Rules:

* Must Join BarterTrade Telegram Channel:
* Bounty Discussion and enquires:
* TrustPilot Account should be authentic. Fake accounts wouldn't be accepted.
* Make a review on TrustPilot for Bartertrade
- The review should be positive.
- The review should be at least 15 words long.
- The review should be authentic and original. Copied reviews wouldn't be accepted.
- The review should be in English. Other languages wouldn't be accepted.
- The review must be about Barter Trade and its features.
E:g AlgoTrading, Smartexchange, AITrading, SocialTrading, Cryptocurrencies, Marketplace, Gamification.

Reward Activities

* Must give Barter Trade 4 - 5 stars.
* Generic review or Low-quality reviews wouldn't be accepted.
* Maximum of 1 review per person only.
* Submit entry using this form.
Unprocessed Trustpilot review wouldn't be accepted.

- $3 in BRT token per qualified activity

* Check results here:

*Important Note*

1.Only update the form using a valid email address that you have a access to.
2. Once the bounty ends and the exchange is live, you will be asked to create an account on BarterTrade using the same email.
3. Once you create the account on BarterTrade, you will create a support ticket and request your bounty rewards.
4. Our support team will verify your claim from the bounty results and the tokens will be credited to your BarterTrade account

For concerns or questions, e-mail us at or Contact our admins on Telegram: @ManmeetBRT @FzBRT
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Add your Community Code, if you don't have code ask your community manager to provide it.
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Must Join BarterTrade Telegram Channel:
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Your name on Trustpilot
Review Link *
Add Link of your review on BarterTrade at Trustpilot. Submit only those review links that are already accepted on TrustPilot. Unprocessed Trustpilot review wouldn't be accepted.
Given Star *
Add Link of your Youtube Video review
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Submit your correct and exact Ethereum Wallet Address. No rewards will be given to wrong/Invalid ETH Wallet Addresses
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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