Peer Helper Application
Please complete this application by: Friday, June 7, 2019

The role of a Peer Helper is to participate in grade 7 and 8 class activities and to help build community and spirit. Peer Helper commitment includes attending: homeroom visits (twice a month); one Peer Planning meeting per month; special events such as the Welcome BBQ (late August); parent/teacher interviews/open house and junior dances/activities.

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List the activities you are currently involved in at St. Paul H.S. and/or in your community. *
As a student leader, please describe your role in a grade 7 or 8 classroom? How will you engage the students? *
Commitment is essential to our Peer Helper Program. How will you ensure that you keep your commitment to the program and attend activities such as homeroom visits, meeting, etc. Lastly, what will you do if you cannot make a visit or meeting? *
Describe, in detail, an activity that you would like to run with your class if you become a Peer Helper.
Could you please list 2 teacher references who would support your application to be a Peer Helper. Make sure that you tell the teachers that you are using them for a reference. *
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