FutureDRV initial research
FutureDRV: Preparing professional drivers for their role within the fourth industrial revolution and its innovations within road transport

There are major changes within and related to the job of professional driving ahead of us, and these changes need to be planned for and supported by vocational education and training to reach its full potential. They require actions to avoid a further increase in today’s major deficit of skilled workers in the profession, which continues to belong in the top ten jobs that employers have difficulty filling today and during the last decade. For this reason it is of major importance to think ahead of time and to develop a future vision of the profession with consideration for megatrends, trends and innovations that will influence this occupational profile. The FutureDRV project investigates the future of professional driving by taking a look into the tasks and role of professional drivers and their qualification requirements in 2030 and beyond.

In this initial survey we (the FutureDRV consortium) intend to get a basic very general overview about experts perceptions on future developments within professional driving. We therefore very much appreciate your general throughts about the future of professional driving and what will influence it.

Thank you very much for your support!

Please check www.project-futuredrv.eu for further information on the FutureDRV project and consortium.

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