Games on Demand - Gen Con 2014 Feedback
Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback! Please keep your comments constructive, bearing in mind that Games on Demand is an all-volunteer event put together for you by enthusiastic people who love games.

Steve Segedy

What was your role as part of Games on Demand? *
Was this your first time at Gen Con? *
Was this your first time at Games on Demand at Gen Con? *
If you played any tabletop role-playing game, was this your first time?
as opposed to video games, board games, etc.
If you played any live action/freeform games, was this your first time?
If you're new to Games on Demand, how did you find out about it?
How many games did you play at Games on Demand this year? *
Volunteer GMs, please don't include games you facilitated!
Were you generally looking for 2-hour or 4-hour games? *
Which is more important- a broad selection of games or faster boarding times?
What was your favorite game?
Your answer
Was there a game you wanted to play but couldn't? If so, which game was it?
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Did you buy, or are you planning to buy, any of the games you played?
Did you know that we offered live action/freeform games this year? *
If you chose not to play a live action/freeform game, why not?
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If you have other thoughts on live action games, please let us know:
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Did you know that we were offering "Kid Track" games suitable for ages 10+? *
If you chose not to play in a Kid Track game, why not?
Your answer
If you have other thoughts on Kid Track games, please let us know:
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How was your experience with the new Seating Process? *
I didn't like it
It was great!
If you had trouble with the seating process, what was the reason?
If you have further feedback on the seating process, please tell us more:
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Did you have trouble finding the event space this year? *
Was the location of the event (Marriott Ballroom 6) a good location? *
What did you like or dislike about the event space? How could it be improved?
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Would you come back to Games on Demand next year? *
Would you be interested in volunteering as a GM or Host next year? *
If the answer is yes, be sure to fill out the contact information below!
If you answered "maybe" to either question above, please explain what you mean:
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What do think is the best way for us to raise funds to support the event?
GoD doesn't make a profit from the event; funding pays for material costs
How can you personally help us make Games on Demand great?
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If you have other suggestions for improvement, please list them here:
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If you would like us to follow up with you about your feedback (including volunteering next year, if you indicated that) please give us your contact information.
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