"Faerie Stories" Gathering 2020 Registration Celebrating Spring/Beltane at Autumn Farm, October 22nd to 26th 2020
The Queen Registrars Howl and Ribbonwood of the 2020 Spring Gathering of the Radical Faeries welcome and invite all gay men to join us for Beltane, the ancient Gaelic festival marking the start of summer and a celebration of potential and growth. The Call (theme) for this year's Spring Gathering is 'Faerie Stories' and those who gather are invited to share their own personal stories, while exploring the history of the Radical Faeries, to tell tales of what it is to be gay in New Zealand and the wider world, and to imagine what it will mean to be gay men in the future.

Completing the registration can take up to 5-10 minutes, depending on how specific you want to get!
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Desert Mud Ritual, First Radical Faerie Gathering, Arizona Desert 1979
Do you, or anyone in your group need Faerie Love to help cover their Faerie Fee, travel or accommodation costs? "No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds" (NOTAFLOF) is available for this gathering. *
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Autumn Farm - the view from the lawn
The food at the gathering is primarily vegetarian - but do you or anyone in your group have any food requirements? Please let us know who has food requirements, and whether it is a preference, intolerance, or allergy!
If you've got something special you'd like to share for meals or the feast, let us know! (Select all that apply!) *
Faeries at a previous Autumn Farm Gathering
Is this your, or anyone in your group's first gathering? *
Autumn Farm is a clothing option space - it's completely your choice how much of your own skin to show, but you're going to see some dick. Are you OK with this? *
Faerie gatherings can include some spiritual elements. For some it's genuine belief, for others it's playful imagination - are you OK with this? *
Gatherings are a space for Radical Expression and Radical Acceptance - it's an opportunity for you to express the whole of yourself while accepting others as the whole of themselves - are you OK with this? *
Faeries at an early gathering in the USA - circa early 1980's
Would you like to offer a workshop to the gathering? This can be a practical skill, a discussion group something interactive or a group activity, or a ceremony or ritual. If there's anything you will need for it - let us know now (you can always offer impromptu workshops during the Gathering)
Are there any workshops, discussion topics, group activities, or anything else you would like to happen or be available at the gathering? (Although no promises are made that we'll be able to arrange them!)
Faerie at an early gathering - circa early 1980's
Confidentiality: In order to create a environment of openness, love, honesty and candour without reservation there is an explicit expectation of confidentiality regarding all events, happenings, discussions and conversations throughout the entire Gathering. *
Intoxicants, including alcohol are to be consumed: Only at the Cocktail Hour, Wine during dinner, at the Night Circles, or at the Beltane Feast; and is to be done so in moderation and always socially, with the intention to share the experience with others. Any person's choice not to partake in intoxicants, including alcohol will be respected and supported. *
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