Consumer Satisfaction Survey (version Jan 2017)
Consumers who have contacted CID to inquire about services or received services from January 2017 to the present.
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CID values and appreciates your participation in this voluntary survey. Your feedback will be used to improve and enhance our programs. No personal identifying information is required. Thank you.

Please check all responses that apply.
1. Are you:
2. How did you find out about CID?
3. When you contacted CID for assistance, staff responded:
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4. Which services were you inquiring about and/or did you receive?
5. After contacting CID, did you receive any of the following information on:
5A. Do you feel more independent after receiving services from CID?
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6. Did CID staff treat you with respect?
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7. Overall, were you satisfied with the service(s) you received and would you refer someone to CID in the future?
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8. As a result of your interactions with CID, have you participated in any disability-related advocacy or educational activities?
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8A. If "yes", what was the topic?
9. Were your disability-related accommodations needs met while receiving services from CID?
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9A. If "no", please explain:
10. With regard to the services or assistance you obtained from CID, were your language translation needs met?
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10A. If "no", please explain:
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