BitShares Mobile and Desktop App
Welcome to the quick survey for the BitShares community members. Walle7 is an open source user interface for BitShares Blockchain available for alpha testing since April 2019.

Here is our thread on Bitsharestalk: You can also view our project presentation page with a live example of how the cross-platform application works

When a sufficient number of survey responses occur statistically valid, we will publish the results on Bitsharestalk forum. Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).

When answering questions, do not forget about your first experience of using BitShares DEX. If you have found an exciting feature for newbies, then mark with a high score that item.

What interface features are closer to you?
Not interested
The simplicity of the interface
Advanced functionality with many options
Help articles and tips for each feature
Translation into many languages
Choosing a view with secondary currency instead of the dollar (yen, pound, euro or any other)
Black theme
A variety of color themes
A detailed description of past operations, including exchange rates for that time
Section with a description of all commissions for exchange, transfer, and withdrawal of funds
Personal things that interest you?
Not interested
Switch between multiple accounts within the same application
Add favorite assets to watch list
Receive notifications for events in real time on the market for which you can put the scheduler
Scan QR codes to transfer funds
Generate QR codes to receive funds with a prefilled amount
Generate web links to pay or receive payments via sharing in messengers or mail
Setting exchange orders with the order book, not just instant exchange
Widgets on the screen with your personal configuration
Market data overview and notifications?
Not interested
Global news of the crypto market, and those assets that are in your portfolio
Percentage of changes in asset value and trading volume with accuracy per hour/day/week
Stock charts for each asset
Text information about every coin of about a couple of paragraphs for each (when it was founded, in what professional sphere, what plans to change, etc.)
Section with information on which sites you can spend the cryptocurrency
A section with information on how to purchase any currency supported by BitShares DEX
What about BitShares features?
Not interested
Swap assets with another users outside the order book on your own or average prices
Recurring payments for another account with time intervals
Borrowing assets
Sending assets with redeem code for recepient
Voting for witnesses, committee, workers
What about security and permissions?
Not interested
Custom node selection
Account permissions
Multi-sign account operations
Code audit and review
Password encryption with TouchID/FaceID or with 2Auth
Code coverage tests for continuous integration
Autobuild new versions of the application
Project code documentation
Any other features that we forgot to mention in the survey?
Your answer
How can we contact you?
We may ask to clarify some of your answers. Please write your nickname in Discord, Telegram or Bitsharestalk or any other way of communication. You can also write if you want to get the survey results. Thank you for completing the survey.
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