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WELCOME TO RAINBOW TREE! We are so excited to see you at camp! If you have not sent payment or completed the payment on the website or made other arrangements with Lisa Haverly for check payment, please do so by going to the following web address: www.rainbowtreetherapies.com or you can contact Lisa at rainbowtreeinfo@gmail.com. Thank you for completing the registration form.
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The below information will be utilized in replace of an electronic signature. By clicking the agree boxes, you will be agreeing to the liability information and permission document details. All details of the below can be viewed under the Frequently Asked Question page on the website. https://www.rainbowtreetherapies.com/pages/liability-documents
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Please review details of medical treatment form by clicking link: https://www.rainbowtreetherapies.com/pages/liability-documents
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“I understand that Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC will maintain my privacy to the highest standards. I understand that personal information will not be shared with anyone not affiliated with Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC. I understand that personal information received through this registration will only be shared with professional staff and volunteer staff at Rainbow Tree to ensure the safety of my child and to ensure my child receives appropriate support needed while at camp." *
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