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Custom Order: I'm allergic to sweet almond oil can you make me 3 Pokemon Egg bath bombs with a different oil like avacado oil or grapeseed oil?

Custom Order: I'd like the Moon Prism Power bath bomb but without any biodegradable glitter in it please.

Custom Order: I know you made the Deku whipped sugar scrub in the past but I don't see it available anymore. Can I get a 8oz. version of this scrub?

Custom Order: I'd like a cold process soap inspired by Inuyasha. Kikyo is my favorite character. I imagine her scent would be like a earthy and graveyard scent. If possible I'd love for the carrier oil to be sweet almond oil or coconut oil. A red and black color scheme would be awesome. If you can do a drop swirl for this one with the colors I suggested.

Custom Order: I really love your Happiness scent can I get it in a 4oz. body lotion?

Custom Order: My favorite scent is blackcurrant but I can't find it in many products that work for my skin. Can you make me a perfume (absolutely no coconut oil) and as a whipped sugar scrub. As for the colors my favorite color is blue. I'd like both of them to be blue. I know that olive oil and sweet almond oil works well for my skin just not coconut.

Custom Order: I'd like a bath bomb shaped like a heart with a sultry amber scent? I'd like the colors to be yellow and pink. I really like the way the Cotton Candy bath bomb foams so if you can make it similar to that please. I'm fine with any carrier oil you choose. I have no allergies. Also could I get a mix of rose petals and lavender buds? Not too much but some.

Custom Order: I want to surprise my son for Christmas with his favorite Pokemon inside your Free Them soap. He adores Pikachu and having the figure in the soap will encourage him to wash his hands more. I'd also like to get the scent in lemongrass if possible.

Custom Order: Can I get a large bottle of epsom salts for my girlfriend? She loves essential oils like rosemary, basil and tea tree so any combination of these will work. I'm also hoping to get some rosemary embeds added in and if the carrier oil can be coconut or avacado oil that'd be great! I will need these for her birthday in two weeks.

Custom Order: I'm not sure if you make these but can I get a star shaped soap jelly scented similar to Lush's Lord of Misrule scent. If you can I'd like to get 3 jellies made to last me the year. Color them however you like! If you don't have the materials but are up to making it I can help pay for the jelly supplies.

Custom Order: I was hoping to get 10 custom bath bombs made for an event I'm hosting next month. I would like them to be the basic bath bomb mixture and in the small shape like the Lost Woods one. I want two of each. For scent as colors it follows; blue/ sea spray scent, pink/ strawberry scent, yellow/ daisy scent, green/ nag champa scent and purple/ lilac. Any carrier oil will do.

Custom Order: Hi there! I've decided to get my favorite scent in a couple of things you don't offer. Could I get the Courage scent in a melt & pour soap, bubble bar and sugar scrub please? As for shapes anything resembling woodland creatures or the forest will be perfect. I think any shade of green will do the job.

I can no longer offer bath cupcakes as I am out of supplies to continue to make them.
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