Graduate Request for Travel/Research Funding
CWRU Department of Music

Request for Travel/Research Funding for Graduate Students

Please forward any supporting documents (e.g., acceptance email or description of performance activity) to your Coordinator of Graduate Studies (CGS).

General Travel questions?

A limited amount of funding is available through the Department of Music. Students in the regular cycle of matriculation who are delivering papers at professional meetings and graduate student symposia will be given priority, as will performers who are accepted to competitive workshops or other performance activities (but not auditions).

Requests for travel during a given semester must be submitted by September 15 for Fall semester or February 15 for Spring semester; requests made outside these times will be considered if funding remains.

Additional funding may be available through the Office of Graduate Studies:
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Year in Program *
Previous department funding
Brief description of travel and amount awarded, as well as amount you have actually used, if the totals are different.
Current request
Destination, conference name, dates and mode of travel.
Description of your accepted activity
Give a complete description of your accepted activity. Title and length of paper, title of session, name of performance workshop, or other activity, with precise description of your role.
External funding toward this travel
Doe you have any external funding toward this travel from the conference or performance venue, or any other source? Please give source and amount.
External funding for academic year
Do you have any external funding of any kind for this academic year? Please give source and amount.
Matching grant from Graduate Studies
Do you plan to request a matching grant from the Office of Graduate Studies? This would apply to major (international) travel for which at least $1,000 is needed. [SELECT ONE]
Hotel stay
Number of nights.
Hotel cost
Total cost of stay.
Flight cost
Total cost of flight.
Driving mileage
Driving mileage one way. Use 10900 Euclid Ave (as starting address), Mileage x 0.58 = $
Car rental cost
**No gas receipts allowed unless renting a car. If renting a car please read this first and follow all guidelines.
Meal Allowance
Breakfast: $10, Lunch $12, Dinner $26. The meal allowance is not a per diem; it assumes actual expenses have been incurred.
Full days away for travel
Total number of full days away for travel.
Partial days away for travel
Total number of partial days away for travel.
Other travel expenses
Estimate for parking, tolls, taxi
Conference registration
Cost of conference registration.
Total estimate *
REQUIRED. Total estimate for entire travel/research.
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