Did Someone Say Comfort Food?
In case you hadn't heard, The Underground is getting a makeover! We're talking about a new menu, new decor, and potentially a new name! Dining Services wants to bring comfort food to CMU, but first we have to answer the age old question... What Is Comfort Food?? SDC is on a mission to find out what you think is considered comfort food. Not only will this help us determine what foods are considered "comfort foods", this will help us decide how to remake the Underground, in menu and in style!
What even is comfort food? You tell me!
The top 10 comfort foods, based on a 2017 poll by Ranker of 34K Americans, are as follows; which do you agree are comfort foods?
Which of these foods would you like to see the most from a restaurant serving comfort food?
If you had to choose one comfort food that you like the most, what would it be?
Your answer
If you had to choose one restaurant, anywhere in the world, that you think serves the best comfort food, what would it be?
Your answer
Are breakfast foods comfort food?
New year, new Underground!
What item from the menu at The Underground would you want to keep the most?
Your answer
If you got to rename The Underground to something that represents "comfort food", what would you name it?
Your answer
What's your 'comfort color'?
Your answer
The most COMFORTable time to have comfort food?
When do you usually consume comfort food?
How often do you consume comfort food?
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