Feedback for Elephant Conversation Template 🐘
This form is for giving feedback on your experience of using Malcolm Ocean's Template:
"How to Gently Blindly Touch the Elephant In the Room Together"

all questions optional!
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What role were you in?
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How did you use the template?
(if you were the recipient, fill out the one that matches best what the other person would answer)
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How'd it go?
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What else do you want to share about how it went? You can give a bit of a play-by-play if you want
What were you trying to talk about? What was the elephant?
Detail welcome, but you could also just say something like "a way in which the person's body language seemed to be subtly disrespecting me"
How much of a difference did each of these steps seem to make?
1 ~ "made it much worse"
2 ~ "kinda awkward, didn't seem to help"
3 ~ "no difference" or "I would have done the step anyway"
4 ~ "seemed to help"
5 ~ "unlocked something major"
Step 0. “here’s some of my goodwill towards you” or “here’s what we share”
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Step 1. “I'm using a template”
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Step 2. “I aim to respect any distrust that may arise in you”
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Step 3. “why I’m bringing this up”
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Step 4. “I am looking and seeing something”
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Step 5. “I am interpreting”
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Step 6. “I have distrust”
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Step 7. “what I want right now”
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Step 8. “I have boundaries”
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Bonus step: my specific concern / “this reminds me of” / dream mashup
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Overall, how much do you feel like the template helped?
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What did you find difficult?
What else do you want to share?
Can I get in touch with you? 
share your email or twitter if you are potentially down to talk more about your experience with the template or about the conversation you had as a potential case-study in trust-negotiation/dancing
I appreciate you filling out this form and also simply your courage in choosing to have a challenging conversation!
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