Skydiving Groundschool sign-ups 2019/20
So you want to learn how to jump out of an aeroplane? University is the best time to start skydiving. Our discounted learning programmes and university funding means skydiving will never be cheaper and easier than it is for you now!

In order to jump out of an aeroplane solo, first you must complete a day of ground school training where you will learn all the skills you need to jump, deploy and land your parachute solo. This will take place on the Saturday. We travel down on the Friday evening and sleep over for a prompt start the following morning. On the Sunday, weather conditions permitting, you jump!

Your instructor(s) will be with you throughout the experience watching you and grading your performance. Every student gets a video of their jump as included in the price, as the video is required for teaching purposes.

On site there is accommodation, a bar and food facilities. We use the evenings to play games and to socialise.

There are 2 routes to becoming a solo skydiver,and both types of ground school will be taking place on the same weekend.

The static line course involves exiting from gradually higher altitudes and building up to free fall. Once you show you can exit safely and stably, you start to pull your own parachute from higher altitudes and experience longer free fall.

On the AFF course, which is more intensive, you jump from a maximum altitude of 15000ft on your first decent. This is with 2 instructors holding onto the grips on your jumpsuit to check you are safe and correct your stability. You then deploy your own parachute. In both systems you get to control your parachute to landing completely solo.

Prices for the initial ground school weekend (excluding club membership of £35 or £25 during promotional freshers fair period and AU fee of £10). This includes your accommodation, travel and skydiving!

Static line Ground School - £175 (Includes 2 solo skydives from 4000ft)
AFF Ground School - £310 (Includes 1 solo skydive from 15000ft)
Tandem skydive - £200 (1 tandem skydive. This is excluding a video and Saturday night accommodation)

*Tandem videos can be organised for around £70 pounds extra.

You can can buy your membership to our club and AU fee at

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

Blue skies :D

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