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It's time for students to report not only on campus, but off campus as well. A local community's infrastructure is often built upon a foundation of local papers, and The Contemporary proposes that student journalists should build a new model of local news given the decline of traditional outlets.

We believe in empowering collegiate journalists nationwide to engage in long-form investigative reporting that deeply assesses critical issues in local communities. College students have a unique opportunity to create compelling journalism because of their perspective and position within communities. Given the decline in local newspapers and immense reduction in journalists covering local issues, young reporters can help fill the gap.

Consider pitching us a story and we'll pay you to report it.

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The Contemporary publishes outstanding journalistic pieces that are well reported, creative, and concise. We seek writers with interests in a variety of public affairs topics to pitch their story ideas to our editorial team. The ideal article combines strong reporting on a local issue that may also be important on the national level.

Although it should be timely, the story should also have a perspective focused on broader themes and trends. Such articles can take many forms; our editorial team is open to any and all ideas submitted by student journalists. However, we are most interested in creative journalistic articles.

The kind of stories we look for are deeply reported, well sourced, inventive, and compelling. Length should be 2,000-4,00- words. Finally, we are also open to different formats: if audio storytelling interests you, consider pitching your story for our podcast.

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