The On-Call Club
Don't have time to make a formal volunteer commitment to Broad Convos but want to be asked if there are one-off opportunities to help? This is for you!

What's required:
- This is totally what you want to make it. You'll be added to an email list and Slack channel, and calls for help will be sent out to everyone who signs up for this involvement. Just reply if you're able to help, or don't if it's not the right time!
- Typical examples of assistance required: postering, a social media share from your account, some light crafting, event support, brainstorming, connections to speakers, and really anything else that comes up!

What we offer:
- A community of very excellent women and gender nonbinary folks.
- A Broad Convos email address for you to use to stay in touch with us.
- Lots of appreciation and hugs if you want them.
- We can't pay for this position (but we're working on it and we'd love your help to grow BroadConvos!)

Are you interested? Let us know below...

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