BLM Activism Survey
When I founded the SLAVE project 10 years ago, it was created with the intention of building an art-based platform that could one day be used to help create positive change in the lives of those my music impacts and eventually in society as a whole. In this time of heightened social awareness and activism, I feel we could be doing so much more with this platform. SLAVE has always been about community building and effort, and in that spirit, I'm reaching out to ask you for your input on what more we can do together to help create a better future for everyone. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and will be creating some new activism directives based on the answers received. Let's band together, use this opportunity to push together for change, and make a greater impact. Thank you so much for taking the time to participate. You are all so deeply appreciated.
What is one major point or fact about systemic racism, black history or the U.S. policing system that you have learned since the beginning of this movement that brought you a deeper understanding about our culture and helped you in your own activism? (Feel free to include more than one.)
What are the top 3 solutions for reform/legislation to help create a more equal and just society for people of color that you have been standing for in your activism?
In what ways have you found opportunities to participate in pushing these causes/solutions forward?
Have you found any resources or materials that have helped better educate and inform you or your circle about the issues at hand?
What are your top 2 organizations to support in helping push this movement forward and why?
Any other suggestions or ideas on how we can utilize the SLAVE platform to help create positive change for the BLM movement?
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