Goose Hollow Parking Permit Application 2019

PLEASE NOTE: There are 3 steps to the application that need to be completed before the deadline:
1. Fill out online application and PRINT application BEFORE submitting online
2. Submit online
3. Drop off printed application with parent signature and attachments to Lincoln High School, room 104

-The Goose Hollow Neighborhood Association allots the Friends of Lincoln 30 parking permits each semester for students.
-These permits are for SENIORS who are otherwise unable to use public transportation to or from school, who carpool and/or participate in PPS/LHS affiliated after school activities.
-Only ONE permit per family or household is allowed per school year, either for Fall OR Spring semester.
-Applicant information will be reviewed and then selected by lottery.
-Permits will only be offered to students in good standing.

Make sure the information you fill out is correct and COMPLETE. If awarded a permit, your information is sent to the city and can not be processed if not complete, especially the address.

Student's full name - Last, First *
ex: Last, First
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Grade will you be entering this Fall *
Student's email address *
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Parent's or guardian's email address *
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Address on driver's license *
Please write complete address including FULL STREET NAME, CITY, STATE and ZIP CODE
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Home address (where you reside) *
If your home address is the same as on your driver's license, write SAME on the line below. If your home address is different, please write complete home address (including FULL STREET NAME, CITY, STATE and ZIP CODE) and explain why your home address is different than on your driver's license.
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Do you live within the Lincoln High School Boundary? *
If you do not live within the Lincoln High School Boundary, please explain.
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Is there a PPS school bus that serves your Primary Residence? *
i.e. Does a yellow school bus provide service for your home?
Distance from home to school in miles *
According to Google Maps
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Distance from home to nearest public transportation; including bus, Max or shuttle *
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If you have public transportation issues such as multiple transfers, limited hours of operation, challenging access, please explain.
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Do you plan to carpool to Lincoln High School? *
If you plan to carpool, please list the other students you plan to carpool with and briefly explain any carpool related issues.
Please only list students with whom you have talked about carpooling and who would ride with you if you received a permit.
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Briefly explain which ongoing Lincoln sponsored activities you will be participating in and for what season(s).
Note, this does not include jobs outside of school or driving siblings to other schools or activities.
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Briefly explain any factors or extenuating circumstances that haven't been explained yet and that you would like the Parking Committee to be aware of.
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A student may receive only ONE parking permit per school year, either Fall or Spring. *
Please enter the license plate number for the car you will be driving. *
If you receive a permit and later need to change car/plate number, you will be given instructions how to do so.
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If selected, I agree to pay the $37.50 fee and will adhere to all parking permit regulations. I also understand that this permit is non-transferable and non-refundable, and will be invalidated if I transfer the permit to any other car or other person. I also understand that I must submit this application electronically and in paper form along with my parent's or guardian's signature, a copy of my driver's license and proof of insurance to room 104 prior to the deadline or my parking permit application will not be considered. *
Students and parents will be notified of the results by email. At that time you will also be notified if the city has raised their parking fees.
Parent or guardian needs to print their name here indicating approval of student application
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ONCE PRINTED, parent or guardian sign and date here:
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Please double check that you understand the steps necessary:
(You do not need to actually check off to submit)
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