[IC] T-shirts for mechanical keyboards enthusiasts! (Mechfashion)
Hello, clackers! Peter from Mechfashion here.

Would you be interested in premium apparel with mechanical keyboards themed designs? :)

Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/MnA5jHn

- comfy and durable 100% cotton fabric (~180g/m2)
- made from scratch in Europe, Poland
- minimalistic, embroidered logo/picture
- black/navy/light and dark heather gray/white colors
- unisex (S-XXL)

Let me know what you think!

Thank you for your time and effort,

PS If someone would be interested in hoodies, long sleeves, caps, socks, or just t-shirts but with printed designs - please let me know in the last question, thanks!

r/mechmarket: https://cutt.ly/ic_tshirts_mechfashion_mechmarket
geekhack: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=108673
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mech_fashion/
Please mark which patterns/designs you like the most. https://imgur.com/a/MnA5jHn *
Do you have any noteworthy ideas or pictures that you would like to see on a T-shirt? If you have any tips what to modify in the designs above, feel free to write. Comments, pictures etc. are well welcomed! :)
What size of t-shirts do you wear? *
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Among the people who will fill out the form, I will draw by lot a few of you, who get to try these t-shirts! :)
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