2020 CISV Ottawa Program Application
This is the main form for all delegation programs: Village, Interchange, Step-up. Please submit your application at latest by Dec 20th, 2019 - sooner if possible!!

BUT: if you want to apply to National Camp, it will be a separate form available around March. Check the website for updates: www.cisvottawa.ca

If you are applying as a JC or Leader, don't use this form, fill in the Leadership form here:

If you are applying for Seminar Camp, or IPP, use this form, but please note there will also be a second form, which you will be sent once you have applied here. For more details, contact program.chair@cisvottawa.ca
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Important Information
1. Passport: For international programs, we require that participants have proof of an up-to-date passport valid for at least 6 months beyong the end-date of the program for which they are applying.

When you have completed the form, you need to
- send a scan/photo of the applicant's passport to program.chair@cisvottawa.ca
- send $250 application fee by cheque or e-transfer to treasurer@cisvottawa.ca. $135 of this is refundable if the applicant is not assigned to a program.

2. Selection Camp: All applicants must participate in Selection Camp January 18-19, 2020. Selection Camp fee is included in the application fee. It is refundable up until Jan 10th, if we receive notifcation that you wish to withdraw.

Selection Camp is a fun weekend for participants to join in typical CISV activities, and be assessed for their suitability and readiness for a CISV program. At this camp, the leader applicants also demonstrate their leading skills as part of their selection process. At the end of the weekend, the applicants will be asked if they want to go forward with a CISV program, and then families will receive calls by Monday to inform them if their applicant has been assigned to a program.

3. Volunteering: CISV is a volunteer-run organization, so every family that participates in a program needs to volunteer to help CISV Ottawa in some way. We need people to help out and keep our organization going! So please be prepared to join in!

4. Program Fees: We are in the process of finalizing proigram fees for the 2020 Program year. These will be availbale on the CISV Ottawa website in late November. The 2020 Program fees will be similar to the 2019 Program Fees, which you can consult here: http://cisvotta.mywhc.ca/filemgmt/data/files/Sample%20Fees%202019.pdf

5. If you have questions about CISV Ottawa or this form, or if you are stuck, please contact Jane Dunlop: program.chair@cisvottawa.ca. Mobile/Whatsapp: +1-613-324-0642
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Choose one. Please note, CISV Ottawa DOES NOT have a 14-year-old Step-up this year. 14-year-olds can apply to National Camp when the date & location is announced later this year.
CISV Applicant Details
Enter details for the applicant here. Parent/guardian' contact information is on the next page.
Full Legal Name EXACTLY as it appears on applicant's passport *
** Important ** for airplane tickets you must provide the name EXACTLY as it appears on passport. You must also email the info page of the passport to program.chair@cisvottawa.ca so we can ensure to have the accurate details and expiry date. If the applicant does not yet have a passport, please apply as soon as possible, let us know, and fill in the applicant's name as it will appear on the passport.
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Passport expiry date (YYYY-MM-DD) *
When travelling outside of Canada, the passport must be valid for six months following the END date of travel for the program. (Not required for National Camp). If the passport is NOT valid for that period, please apply for a new one ASAPP and confirm to us that you have done so.
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Applicant Name (that they use) *
Name the applicant is usually called. e.g. maybe their legal name is Theodore Benjamin Jehosephat, but they usually called "Ben"
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Home Street Address *
Please provide applicant's complete street address
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Please provide applicant's street address municipality (e.g. Ottawa, Gatineau)
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Postal Code
Please provide your postal code (A1A 2B2)
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