Sharing Our Expertise
CMEG is attempting something we have never done before, and it’s intimidating and exciting but we need your help! The museum industry has experienced a tremendous transition in 2020 and many people are enduring the effects of recent graduations, layoffs, and career transitions.
We are looking for CMEG members who are willing to share their expertise in the form of resume/portfolio reviews and/or mentorship ideally starting mid-May 2021, depending on interest. If you are unavailable for this time frame or would rather share your expertise in the form of teaching skills, we would love for you to still fill out this survey so we can contact you are a later time for potential opportunities.
What is expected of me?
Reviewing Resumes - You would receive a handful (1-5) of anonymous resumes and you will be asked to submit comments and edits

Becoming a Mentor -This offering would begin in a mentor/mentee speed dating format. Afterward, if a mentee asks you to be a mentor for them we ask that you 1) set a time frame for how long this working relationship will take place; 2) establish expectations for how often you meet whether that's once or twice a month for 30 minutes or an hour, etc; and 3) solidify an end goal(s). Since these partnerships are not managed by CMEG you will need to determine how many mentees you can take on, mentees will be encouraged to ask a few potential mentors to partner with in hopes that they will find a match. If you have a couple of mentees that have similar goals you could establish a group mentorship meeting to be more time-effective.

Skillshare - There is no one set path to museum exhibition work, and we all learn new things on the job. This skillshare could look like teaching a small group the ins and outs of exhibit labels, 3D design software, storyboards, and more. Teaching new skills to CMEG members would occur at a later date (not included in the May 2021 timeline).
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