Please tell us about Catherine Chambers, your school’s Pastoral Care Worker!
Dear Families

Catherine Chambers has been working as the Pastoral Care Worker (PCW) at Craigburn Primary School for 1 year. We will shortly be conducting a review of this role. Gaining feedback from parents/caregivers is part of the Review.

The information gained from this survey will be:
1) Read by the review panel, including the Pastoral Care Worker. The panel consists of representatives from the school, local churches and Schools Ministry Group.

2) Used to assess and improve the effectiveness of the Chaplaincy Service in the school.

Your honest appraisal will help us to maximise the benefit of this program in supporting your school community. Please take a few moments to complete this brief survey. Thanks for your help!

Your name (Optional)
1. a) What level of awareness do you have of the Pastoral Care Worker’s Role?
1. b) How have you been made aware of the role?
2. What aspects of Catherine’s role do you most appreciate, and/or are most beneficial to your school community?
3. What is the most significant change or difference in the school community you are aware of due to Catherine being in the role? In your answer, if applicable, you may like to indicate how Catherine has made a difference to you and/or your child.
4. What would you like to see as a future direction for pastoral care worker role in our school?
SMG may wish to use your comments to publicize the benefits Pastoral Care Workers provide. Your identity will remain confidential. Please indicate here  if you do not wish your comments to be used. 
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