simCEO Pilot Group Request
Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about simCEO . We are looking for educational innovators.

Why help?

1) Contribute to the development of a a new model in games-based learning aimed at skills needed for the 21st century while developing entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

2) Build your professional resume.

3) Connect with other innovative educators to share ideas.

4) Earn 100 simCredits of the new site for your district.

5) OPTIONAL: Have your name immortalized (well, printed on our site) as an innovator and contributor towards the development of the new features.

We believe simCEO represents a new form of online learning - where learners simultaneously create and evaluate each other's creation in a dynamic environment controlled by the instructor! We always want to stay in touch with educators to find out how simCEO is being used and how we could make it an even more effective learning tool.

At this point, our Pilot program will take two forms. Users can choose one or both.

1) We are conducting our own Feedback Groups to assess the effectiveness and gather user feedback on new features.
2) We also have lined up experienced independent researchers who will conduct more formalized studies (both qualitative and quantitative) to measure the effectiveness of the learning and assess teacher/student perceptions of strengths and weaknesses.

So, thanks for helping us out! (There is no obligation in filling out the form.)

Fill out the form below to put your "name in the hat". Later, we will contact a few members based on their demographic information to participate in Pilot Groups, share more of the specifics and see if you are still interested. These groups will have access to the new site and share feedback on the site as we build it.

Sign up and play a part. Your help is appreciated.

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