Foreign Investors Survey 2019 – Business Environment in Albania
The Foreign Business community in Albania represented by Foreign Investors Association of Albania is conducting the yearly Business Environment Survey in the country. This is an anonymous survey addressed to all the members of FIAA and other foreign businesses operating in Albania. The main objective here is to collect and compile direct feedback and opinions on the current doing business environment.
Survey results, will help us to identify the challenges faced by the foreign business community, and further address those to improving government policies.
We assure you that information you will provide through this survey will be kept confidential. No names or other identifications will appear in any document resulting from the survey. The digital and paper-based information that you provide will be destroyed after the compilation of all the results.
Thank you for your cooperation!
PART 1: General Information
1. What is the nature of the primary business activity of your company? *
Main Area of Activity
2. Which one of the following best describes the legal status of your company? *
Legal Status
3. What is the ownership structure of your company? *
Albanian % - Foreign Owned %
4. What is the country of origin of your company? *
Country of Origin of your Company:
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5. How many employees (including part-time) are directly employed by your company? *
No of Employees:
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6. During the 2018 fiscal year, what was the total turnover of your business in Albania? [INT WRITE DOWN TOTAL TURNOVER AND THEN SELECT CURRENCY]
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