Dear CA Legislature: Help us #FreeTheCSU
By signing this form you are indicating your support for the following bills as they move through the CA legislature -- bills about funding the CSU, stopping tuition increases, protecting and supporting our undocumented students, and building towards free public higher education in CA. Your signature will be sent to the authors of each bill so they can demonstrate to their fellow legislators that CSU students and community members care about these issues. More information about each of these bills, and SQE's full letters of support that you are signing onto, can be found at
AB393, The Student Protection Act, would freeze tuition and statewide fees for CSU and Community College students, and urge the UC Regents to do likewise, through the end of June 2020. (author: Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva)
AB21, Access to Higher Education for Every Student, would direct public colleges and universities to enact a broad range of protections for undocumented students. (author: Assemblymember Ash Kalra)
AB1038 would create a commission tasked with publishing a report about how to achieve an public higher education system in California that is tuition-free and affordable for costs beyond tuition. (author: Assemblymember Rob Bonta)
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