Refund/Fee Transfer Request
Fees are collected in a timely manner so that school personnel may order consumable supplies for the classroom, athletics, and other activities. Therefore, only students who withdraw prior to the first day of school will receive a refund for current school year payments made to date.

The only exception to these refunds once a student has been in attendance, are for sports that have not yet begun, or class schedule changes within 10 days of the start of the class. For example, a student registers for spring baseball and withdraws in the fall; the baseball fee is reimbursable.

Any lunch account money, pending the balance is over $5.00, may be reimbursed, when requested.

Yearbooks will be reimbursed up to October 1 – after that date the yearbooks have been ordered with final numbers and the student will receive a yearbook.

Parking fees will be reimbursed for any complete semester in which the student is not enrolled at $25 (half the $50 fee).

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