Course Review Form 21-22
The purpose of this form is to either request a schedule review for a course change or to petition to move from a standard course to an honors course. Directions are at the bottom.

The deadline for elective course reviews is June 10th and the deadline for CORE course reviews and course petitions is July 18th. ANY REQUEST MADE PAST THESE DEADLINES WILL BE DENIED.

**You only need to fill out this form ONCE for a request. Multiple entries for the same request are deleted.

Please NOTE: At this time, only Course Request Reviews for the following reasons that indicate an error will be approved:

___You are in a class for which you have already received a passing grade.

___Your schedule is missing a class you need for graduation.

___You have a hole in your schedule.

___ You are missing the next course in the progression from a course already taken. (For example: You took Spanish 1 last year, but Spanish 2 is missing on your schedule.)

Course Requests for the following reasons will be denied:

___ Teacher Preference

___ Course Period Preference

___ Moving from a standard course to an honor course

____ Dropping an elective course (Students have until 6/10/2021 to make these changes)

____ Switching from Brick and mortal to virtual Blend. (Students have until 6/10/2020 make these changes)

Directions: (Please read carefully)

Fill this form out to request schedule changes for the 2021-2022 School Year.

Please fill out a new form for each course change requested due to scheduling error.*

**You only need to fill out this form ONCE for a request. Multiple entries for the same request are deleted.

All decisions will be emailed directly via email provided in 3-5 business days.

If you receive an approved course request email, changes will already be updated in HAC.

Student Number (Do not include the "S") *
Student Last Name
Student First Name
Counselor? *
I am submitting ... *
Course student would like to DROP: (List Period - Course Name) Example: 2 - Anatomy *
Course student would like to ADD: (Course Name) *
Why are you requesting this change? *
Do you have an IEP (Not and EP for Gifted)
Clear selection
Parent Email for response *
I understand that by typing in my name below I am officially submitting a course review or petition that could go against the professional recommendation of the teacher and administration. If this change is granted I know that I will NOT be able to switch out of the course if I am unsuccessful. (Please type your full name below. This should be completed by the student.) *
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