The Wolves Auditions
By Sarah DeLappe | Jonathan Wilson - Director | Movement Specialist/Coordinator - Devon DeMayo

Left quad. Right quad. Lunge. A girls indoor soccer team warms up. From the safety of their suburban stretch circle, the team navigates big questions and wages tiny battles with all the vim and vigor of a pack of adolescent warriors. A portrait of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for nine American girls who just want to score some goals.

AUDITIONS: Tuesday August 25 at 6pm in MUND 409
Auditionees will be put in groups of 7 to read the first scene of THE WOLVES, with parts randomly assigned. Sides will be sent out by the Production Office after you submit the Google Form. We also recommend getting a personal copy of THE WOLVES to read before auditions. If you cannot procure a copy, please email

CALLBACKS: Wednesday August 26 at 6pm in MUND 409
Those called back will be asked to attend a movement session that will consist of soccer drills and other warm-ups. Please wear clothes you are comfortable moving in. The stage manager, Rebecca Walker, will notify you if you are called back. If you have any questions please contact her at

Rehearsals Begin: September 14, 2020
Tech: October 15 - October 21
Performances: October 22 - November 1
Newhart Family Theatre
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Soccer Skills Packet
This production requires a lot of physical activity, and familiarity with controlling a soccer ball. We prepared some resources to look at over the summer to learn or enhance some skills. None of these need to be perfected, it's a starting point for those who may have never played soccer before. To view the Summer Skills Packet follow this link:
Character Breakdown
#11 - Midfield. Brainy, morbid, budding elitist, thoughtful. Seventeen.
#25 - Defense, Captain. Classic (ex)coach’s daughter. Seventeen.
#13 - Midfield. Stoner, older pot dealer brother, into her wackiness. Sixteen.
#46 - Bench. New girl. Awkward, different, just wants to fit in. Sixteen.
#2 - Defense. Innocent, unlucky, kind, skinny. Sixteen.
#7 - Striker. Too cool for school. Sarcastic, “fuck”, thick eyeliner. Almost seventeen.
#14 - Midfield. #7’s insecure sidekick. Just switched to contacts. Sixteen.
#8 - Defense. Plays dumber than she is. Sixteen.
#00 - Goalie. Intense performance anxiety, perfectionist, high achiever. Seventeen.
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