RASA Spring 2020 Fee Refund Request Form

The completion and submission of this form is REQUIRED for the request of RASA Recreational Spring 2020 Fees due to the cancelation of the spring 2020 season. This is to ensure that refunds are sent to the correct person and address.

You must complete and submit this form by the deadline of May 22nd 2020 in order to receive your refund. If you do not complete and submit this form by the deadline, your player's RASA Recreational Spring 2020 Fees will automatically be donated to RASA's Recreational Player Scholarship Fund.

If you have multiple players in RASA Recreation Soccer, you must fill out a form for each individual player in your family.

There are several steps. Please click the Next button at the bottom of each page until you come to the Confirmation Page at the very end.
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