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The Educational Wing of the Vero Essene Yahad - Some courses include up to 12 50-minute audio or video, plus live tutoring and events at your service. Some courses require the reading of excerpts from books, and the books are provided in electronic form. Some may require the download of a chat client known as ZOOM, which is free of charge at Some are off-line, traditional home-study. Occasionally, tere is a time limit of 60 days to complete each course.

Instructors are available most of the time by phone, message or Zoom. Each course requires the completion of an open-ended exam, which the student may complete in short or long essays. At the successful completion of each course, the student will receive a course completion diploma.

At the completion of all courses, the student will receive a Diploma in Christian / Essene Origins and be eligible for ordination through Vero Essene Yahad. These courses are very complete and full of new materials and books that can be found nowhere else. The translations of ancient materials offered are NEW, translated by Yahad scholars. For all this, we are asking a donation of $35 tuition per course plus whatever texts if any are required.

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