FireDrums 2018 - Sponsored Instructor Application
Greetings, and thank you for your interest in teaching at FireDrums 2018!

The Instructor Sponsorship program is intended for flow, fire, and circus arts instructors interested in attending and teaching at FireDrums 2018. The program's goal is to sponsor the attendance of leaders and innovators in the artistic fields relevant to FireDrums, thus enabling and encouraging them to attend and enjoy FireDrums with minimal personal expense in exchange for teaching 3 classes in their respective fields.

Sponsored instructors will receive an event ticket, and travel stipend in exchange for teaching 3 classes.

Sponsorships will be selected based on several factors including, but not limited to: 1)Instructor experience, 2)Professionalism (timely communication + follow through with agreements) 3)Class Content 4)Travel costs, 5)Performance availability, and 6)Social media presence + Existing instructional content (videos etc). Sponsorships are awarded at the discretion of the FireDrums workshop organizing team.

In this application you will be expected to:

- Cite your teaching experience.
- Provide links to relevant online media, and resources relating to your work. (ie. website, youtube, instagram, facebook)
- Submit at least 3 class proposals you are interested in teaching at FireDrums 2018.

- (OPTIONAL) Expressing interest in presenting a prepared act for the Friday night Flowcase. Being selected as a Sponsored Instructor does not guarantee a place in the show. If selected as an instructor, your interest will be passed along to the show organizing team.

***Partner class proposals are accepted.
--> Please include both names and contact info in the same spaces when applying. Each instructor of a partnership must be involved in 3 classes for sponsorships to be awarded to both instructors.

There are several pages, and you cannot save your application.
--> Plan to finish once you start!

**Tip** Write your class proposals before beginning! We ask for: class title, skill level, and class description (include pre-reqs. Max 500 characters),

**Tip** Write out your teaching experience before beginning.

**Tip** Consider your class proposals! Advanced class proposals are great, but FireDrums caters to a variety of skill levels. Submitting more than 3 classes and offering classes with different skill levels may be advantageous to getting accepted.

This application will close on January 10th. Sponsorships will be announced by January 31, 2018.

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