2020 Ladies AllRide Scholarship Application
This year we will be offering full and partial scholarships.

Scholarship terms & conditions:
- Please note that we cannot grant scholarships to each applicant that applies.
- Scholarship submission must be received three months prior to camp at the latest.
- Scholarships are non-transferrable.
- All applicants will be contacted with a response (positive or negative). Notification will be given, via email, two weeks after the scholarship submission deadline.
- If you plan to take a LAR camp whether or not you receive a scholarship, you may make a reservation to guarantee your spot. Full payment is due at time of reservation. If you are awarded a scholarship, the scholarship amount will be refunded to your credit card. If you plan to only attend a Ladies AllRide camp if you receive a scholarship, you do not need to register; however, you may wish to do so in order to guarantee space in the camp. If you need to cancel due to not receiving a scholarship, you may do so up to 60 days prior to the camp, for a $25 fee (this is a discounted cancellation fee that only covers our fees). If you cancel less than 60 days prior to the camp, our normal cancellation policy and fees will apply. https://www.ladiesallride.com/cancellation-policy.html

Please be patient with our response to your application. We must review all applicants before we determine who is eligible to receive the scholarship.
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