Personalized Bridal Bouquet
Thank you for trusting me with a truly unique piece of art made just for your special bride!

My intention when creating art is to foster connection. That could be connection to oneself, a memory, a special physical space, an experience, an emotion, or any other connection that is relevant. In this case the connection is the one between a bride and her wedding day, particularly her bouquet.

When I approach the design of a commissioned piece, I like to begin by setting my intention and focus on the bride, as well as on the details and special moments of her relationship and big day. By tuning in to her energy and blessing the canvas with her story and spirit, I believe that the art generated will then bring the more than just a visual representation of a bouquet. It will hold a positive energy that is personal and purposeful. A deeper emotional interaction and connection will then exist between her and her art. (Please see the example of my process below.)

Below you will find questions that allow me to better get to know the bride and the intention for her art. Please answer the questions that seem relevant based on your relationship to the bride (ie. you don't have to tell me anything that isn't comfortable for you or that just doesn't matter for your request). Some questions are required and some are not. Please answer those that make sense for you and skip the ones that don’t.

As always, please know you can reach out to me at any time during this process with questions, ideas, or feedback.

With gratitude,
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