NC State Dance Team- Audition Registration 2021-22
Welcome to Spring registration for the NC State University Dance Team! Please read through each question thoroughly and fill in all information accurately, to ensure you understand the expectations of the program and receive the material needed to participate. Please see below a list of skills that will be required during the process as well as the schedule for this year's auditions. Direct any questions or concerns to Head Coach, Amanda Roediger,

* Registration closes May 5th (11:59 PM EST)
* 1st round material is emailed to registrants for video submission
* May 9th- Videos due by 5:00 PM EST
* May 11th- Invites and call times will be sent out for in- person tryouts, by 5:00 PM EST
* May 16th- In-person tryouts on Campus (location will be sent at later date)

Assessed Skills/Areas
* triple/quad pirouettes
* two elite sequences (2-3 eight counts, varying leg positions)

* combination leaps to include; side leaps, calypsos, fire birds, barrel fans, turning coupe leaps, butterflies
* Isolation- toe touch, double toe touch

Flexibility/Strength & Control (both sides)
* leg spins
* Front and side freezes/leg holds
* illusions

* Aerial
* Headspring
* Kip Up
*** would like to see rubber bands, front aerials, walkovers and front/back handsprings if you have them

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Please provide your Student Identification Number (leave blank if you do not have one yet): All candidates must be accepted as full time students at NC State University prior to the audition to be considered for the 2021-2022 team. You will need to show proof of acceptance by providing your acceptance letter or Student ID number on the first day of tryouts.
Year in School as of FALL 2021 *
Meredith College Student *
Please provide a brief summary of your dance background *
Do you have any cheerleading experience? *
Will you have conflicts with the time commitment and expectations of the NC State Dance Team during the school year (sororities, work commitments, clubs, or sports)? *
If YES, please explain *
Do you have any health problems/ limitations or have you been under the care of a physician within the last year? *
If YES, please explain
Dance Team members are required to participate in ALL practices, games, conditioning sessions, pep rallies, fundraising events, and any other events required by the team. All team members must be on time and dressed appropriately. Excused absences for sickness and emergency situations will follow a process set forth by coaching staff at the start of the season. *
Dance Team members are representatives of NC State University in and out of uniform and will be expected to uphold the highest standards of conduct. This includes conduct on social media, in the community as well as on and around campus. *
Academics and Dance Team activities are top priorities and all activities, practices and events are considered MANDATORY unless otherwise specified. *
Any Dance Team member under the influence of drugs or alcohol during a practice, game, event or appearance will be terminated from the team. *
 All members will participate in a conditioning and running program. Timed miles and long distance runs will be required beginning in pre-season. Timed miles (8:00 min) will be required for each dancer to make in order to dance at each home football game. Distance runs will be run before each game practice throughout the season. *
Although the Dance Team is predominantly supported through the University, there are some out of pocket expenses that are necessary. Each member will be required to pay their registration fee for NDA Summer Camp (approx. $380) which will be due by Mid June. Team members will also be required to pay a Nationals Fee of $50 (paid over the course of season) and an Accessory fee of $100 that will cover team sneakers and performance earrings or any needed accessories for the season. Any extra apparel items that a team member orders will also be paid for out of pocket. All other costs will be offset by the university, fundraising opportunities and donations given to the program. *
The NC State Dance Team will provide team members with game uniforms, poms, warm-ups, team bags, travel expenses, nationals costuming and nationals registration fees. Uniform items, poms, and team bags, are property of the team and must be turned back in at the end of the season IN APPROPRIATE CONDITION, or a charge will be assessed. *
Those selected for the team will be required to attend a mandatory pre-season week of practice, at the start of August, that will lead into NDA College Camp with Marching Band Camp/Obligations, immediately following. At this time you will be on campus permanently until the start of school. **COVID may affect dates and travel *
As members the Dance Team, you are also members of the NC State Marching Band. You will be REQUIRED to enroll in Marching Band class during the Fall Semester. This class meets MWF from 3:35-5:30. The team attends class on Wednesdays and Fridays only.  Members will receive a credit hour and a grade for this class. Dr. Paul Garcia, the Director of Bands, also serves as our advisor and will assist members with the enrollment process if there are scheduling conflicts. *
Dance Team members must be able to maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher and total of at least 12 credit hours per semester throughout the school year to maintain eligibility for the NC State Dance Team. Graduating seniors & Graduate students may have less than 12 credit hours. *
I understand that: My candidacy for a position on the NC State Dance Team, and participation if selected, is contingent upon being a continuously and regularly enrolled student (minimum of 12 credits), in good academic standing, with an overall grade point average of at least 2.0 from the time of auditions through the Spring. Eligibility checks will be conducted on all candidates. I am responsible for all of the information provided during the candidate informational meetings, instructional clinics and information provided on the website. I understand, accept, and am willing to comply with the selection procedures as outlined by the coaching staff. (Type your full name below). *
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