Apply To Join The Propelify v2 Volunteer Leadership Team (formerly PropellerFest)
We had over 100 people volunteer to help out with Propelify v1 (formerly PropellerFest) and what the group accomplished was incredible. As we ramp up for what's next, we'd love to have you involved IF you have the time. If you decide to get involved, we are really counting on you!
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Growth Hacking Apprenticeship
Tech Community Outreach
Speaker Outreach
Creating Content (blog, podcast, etc)
Social Media Mngt
VIP Area Design
Exhibitor Sales
Sponsorship Sales
Web Developement
Merch Management
Drone Competition
Curating Music Performances That Use Tech
Curating Artists Who Use Tech
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We hugely value your interest and willingness to help. What can we (Propeller) do to make sure you get the most out of this experience possible?
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Propelify (formerly PropellerFest) has no association with Propeller Industries
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