Training Test
Study the training packets thoroughly before beginning this quiz. If you get 2 or more wrong answers your submission to be one of our performers will be immediately rejected.
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How early should you arrive at your event? *
Always Stay____& have your _______ memorized.
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When do you text or call the parent? *
Where do you park? *
What is the first thing you should do when walking up to your party? *
What do you do with your QR code? *
What comes first with activities? *
What is allowed in your black bag other than your performance items? *
What is the most important part of your performance? *
When do we teach the children our ethics and values? *
What is wrong with this birthday ceremony? *
If you are running late to a party who do you contact? *
When do you start wrapping up your performance and move on to the ceremony and happy birthday? *
If a parent taps you on the shoulder and says "more time" how long do you stay and how much do you charge? *
When singing "Happy Birthday" where should you be located? *
What are three photo ops themes for taking group photos with the children. *
When do you collect gratuity? *
Should you ever break character? What if a parent asks you questions? *
What do you do if a child insists you are not real? *
Who is responsible for damages to the costumes, props or missing items? *
Welcome to our Regal Family!
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