TYSL Soccer Newspaper Submission
Please submit your newspaper submissions by Monday at noon. Any submissions not submitted by noon on Monday may not make this week's paper. Please include general information about the game, complete player names, and the score. Please avoid abbreviations, nicknames, quotes and any other non-game matters.

If you have a picture to submit, with the permission of any minor's parents, please complete this form and then email the image to tyslsecretary@gmail.com. Please include names for people in the picture as well.

*** NEW *** Coaches, please do not report in first person, all of the we's, you's, so forth.
Please select the team for which you are reporting *
Are you submitting a picture to tyslsecretary@gmail.com? *
Sumbitting Coach's or Manager's Name *
What was the date of the game? *
What would you like printed in the paper? *
Please begin this section with the team score vs opponent score. For ex "GU12-2 Tewksbury 2 vs. Burlington 1"
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