Production Community Survey, Recovery From COVID-19
This survey aims to compile information on the best ways to help the St. Petersburg Clearwater production community after COVID-19.
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City you live in. *
City your company is based in if different from above.
Company, Employee or Freelance Worker *
If Company what is the name of the Company? N/A if Freelance. *
If Company, number of employees at company. Enter 1 if freelance. *
How many employees were laid off or furloughed?
If Company type of company. (i.e. production, grip and electric, catering, etc.) If Freelance list your main job positions. (i.e. 1st AC, PA, sound, grip, etc.) *
Number of years the company has been in business or number of years you've worked in the industry? *
What is the biggest challenge to getting your business back up to speed once people are able to go back to work? *
Estimated lost revenue from COVID-19 shutdown? *
Number of lost productions due to COVID-19 shutdown? *
Besides "bring work to the area" as that is implied and part of daily operations, what can the St. Pete Clearwater Film Commission do to help the local production community? This question refers more to initiatives. For example; workshops, networking, training, providing information, etc. *
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