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Wisconsin New Teacher Mentoring Program.  

The Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators is proud to announce a new opportunity for our new teachers to the profession as a result of a FFA Foundation Star Mission Grant. It is the
Wisconsin New Teacher Mentoring Program.  This program is designed to have “Experienced Retired Educators” serve as mentors to “New Agricultural Educators” in which we will offer support to agriculture education and FFA programs across Wisconsin.

What is the Wisconsin New Teacher Mentoring Program?
This is a partnership with experienced retired educators who can assist new educators to help with critical resources, coaching, and insight from experienced retired educators.

How will this program work?
Our goal is to be present in each new teacher's/early career classroom up to 3 times per year.  This will allow the new teacher/early career teacher to be coached/mentored while various agriculture program activities take place.

What can the Experienced Educator assist with?
Experienced mentors will help new teachers and nontraditional teachers, in setting up their classrooms, assist with planning hands-on curriculum, offer ideas and experiences with teaching in various curriculum areas, collaborate and suggest new ideas for the teacher related to activities in the agriculture program.  

What is required of the New Teacher?
Work with the experienced mentor in setting up a time/day to meet and discuss, with open minds, the new teacher’s agriculture program needs.

Will this activity cost me anything?
No - this program is at no cost to you or your school.  The funding for this program will pay for mileage for the experienced retired educator and a daily stipend for their time.

What's the next step?
Respond to this email so we can see who is interested in the Wisconsin New Teacher Mentoring Program so we can assign mentors/coaches.  After the mentor/coach has been assigned we will provide contact information for planning your first meeting.

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