Avalon Region Public Inquiry Form - Student Transportation
Parent Portal Support Tips:

1. Trouble Adding a Child to Your Account
Please ensure you are entering the following information:
a. Student Number (provided by school; submit a Form here if you do not have this number on hand)
b. Date of Birth (YYYY-MM-DD)
c. Student's Current Grade
d. Student's Current School
Note: if you are still unsuccessful, please ensure that you have cleared your browser cache/history and try again

2. Trouble Adding Kinderstart Student to Your Account
Kinderstart students will not be in the system until the following school year so you will not be able to add them to your account until then.

For any Avalon Region student transportation related inquiries, requests, concerns or incidents, please complete the following form.

For Parent Portal support or a general request, inquiry or concern, please complete Section 1 - General Information.

If you are reporting an incident, please complete both Section 1 & Section 2
Section 1 - General Information
First Name *
Last Name *
Email Address *
Phone Number (if you are a guardian of a student, enter contact number that would be on file with the school) *
Civic Address (# and Street Name) *
City/Town/Community *
School Name *
Student Name(s)
Student's Current Grade(s)
Student Number
Student's Date of Birth (required if requesting child's Student Number)
Route # (example: 17-130-4A)
Bus Stop (if applicable)
Type of Request / Concern *
Details of Request / Concern *
Section 2 - Incident Information
This section is only required if you are reporting a student transportation incident
Driver Name (if applicable)
Bus/Vehicle Licence Plate #
Date of Incident/Issue (if applicable)
Approx. Time of Incident/Issue (if applicable)
Description of Incident
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