EnDigiCom - a Questionnaire about the professional use of Social Media in business.
EnDigiCom: Enhanced Digital Competencies for Business Usage (https://www.ews-wien.at/endigicom/)
EnDigiCom is a cofunded ERASMUS+ KA 2 Vocational Training Strategic Partnership (2017-1-AT01-KA202-034999) which focuses on the improvement of digital skills within companies, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and vocational educational training (VET) providers because the labour market is looking intensively for qualified personnel with digital competencies and the professional use of social media tools. European employability is the goal of EnDigiCom and the project partners.

EnDigiCom is intended to address the lack of personnel with suitable Social Media competencies in SMEs. The overall project aim is the further development of vocational training provisions for organizations who seek to train their staff to master the daily challenges including the professional use of Social Media tools.

We use this questionnaire to gather information about your company's situation in regard to the professional use of Social Media platforms and thank you in advance for spending a brief moment - about 5 minutes - of your valuable time to answer our questions. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

We will keep you informed about EnDigiCom's results.

Best regards

Your EnDigiCom Team
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